Appointment as External Data Protection Officer

As an external data protection officer, we advise, accompany and support you in all matters of data protection. In addition to the creation and review of documents, we advise you in all processes and matters of data protection.



Prüfung der Webseite- und Soziale Medien inkl.

  • Privacy Policy,
  • Data protection information on individual departments and special topics,
  • Imprint and,
  • Cookie declaration
Creation, consulting. Support and audit of data protection incl. 
  • Establishment of the data protection management system,
  • Processing directory,
  • Commissioned data processing operations,
  • Archiving and deletion concept,
  • Technical and organizational measures,
  • Business Secrets Act incl. declarations of commitment, non-disclosure agreements and declarations of consent
  • Data protection concept
  • Data protection impact assessments
Processing and acceptance of inquiries incl.  
  • Request for information
  • Complaints
  • Requests from supervisory authorities and third parties
  • Requests from employees and managers
  • Regular training
  • Regular controls 
  • Consulting for specialist departments


Order flat rate & hourly rate

  • Bestellpauschale €79* monatlich

    Only for start-ups in the first 3 years, freelancers, sole proprietorships (up to 5 employees), health & social care
    Contract term for initial order 2 years, thereafter renewal for 3 years at a time

  • Stundensatz €140*

    per activity and legal task

  • One-time data protection set-up** €999* one time

    Includes a one-time privacy set-up with the following:
    -Sample privacy policy, privacy notice and cookie notice;
    -Sample processing directory and order processing directory;
    -Sample technical and organizational measures;
    -sample business secrecy, confidentiality obligations, and telecommunications secrecy.

  • *plus statutory sales tax (19 %)
    and Expenses for travel
    **Savings compared to individual order in the amount of 686 EUR

(cf. services under analyses & tests

Order flat rate & hourly quota

  • bis 10 Mitarbeiter €169* monatlich

    Hourly quota: 6 hours per year
    each additional hour 120 EUR
    Contract duration for initial order 2 years, thereafter extension by 2 years each.

  • bis 19 Mitarbeiter €299* monatlich

    Hourly quota: 12 hours per year
    each additional hour 120 EUR
    Contract duration for initial order 2 years, thereafter extension by 2 years each.

  • ab 20 Mitarbeiter €479* monatlich

    Hourly quota: 24 hours per year
    each additional hour 120 EUR
    Discount for out-of-pocket expenses**
    Contract period for initial order 2 years, thereafter extension by 2 years each.

  • from 50 employees Individual requests

    Individueller Stundesatz, je nach erforderlichen und zu erwartenden Aufwand
    Rabatt für Auslagenpauschale**
    Vertragslaufzeit bei Erstbestellung 2 Jahre, danach Verlängerung um 2 je Jahre.

  • *zzgl. der gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer (19 %)
    und Auslage für Reisekosten

    ** Auslagen für Reisekosten entstehen erst ab der Dritten (3) Fahrt im Vertragsjahr. Bis zwei (2) Fahrten berechnen wir keine Auslagen für Reisekosten.

Consulting internal data protection officer

We offer different types of appointment as internal consultant or external data protection officer (DPO). Concrete prices result from the industry, size of the company, number of employees and locations as well as the status of data protection. Our prices are as individual as our clients. 

You already have an internal data protection officer who is responsible for data protection, but he also has many other tasks to perform?
That is no problem, because we also support you here. Because there are also good reasons to have an internal data protection officer, who is then supported by us within the scope of his tasks. This can only be of an advisory nature or of an executive nature in which we take over certain tasks.